Twentieth Century Fox / Incendo Television Distribution Inc. is the largest distributor of television programming in Canada, supplying specials, movies, documentaries and primetime series to all tiers of Canadian broadcast, internet and mobile platforms.

A joint venture of Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and Incendo, Fox / Incendo licenses English and French language programs being offered by both companies in Canada. Represented in this extensive catalogue are such diverse producers as Twentieth Century Fox, GRB Entertainment, Front Street Pictures, Content Media Corporation plc, Incendo Productions, Entertainment Studios, Playboy, IMG, as well as AETN in French Canada only.

Twentieth Century Fox is a subsidiary of News Corporation. News Corporation's diversified global operations include the production and distribution of motion pictures and television programming; television, satellite, cable and digital media broadcasting and transmission, the publication of newspapers, magazines and books; the production and distribution of promotional and advertising products and services; the development of conditional access and subscriber management systems.

Incendo is a distribution and production company owned by partners Stephen Greenberg and Jean Bureau. It specializes in the distribution and production of television programming. Incendo has produced television movies, television series and documentaries that have been sold around the world. It also handles theatrical distribution in Québec for Paramount.

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For all program sales inquiries please contact:

In Toronto

Michael D. Murphy
Senior Vice-President & Managing Director
Telephone: (416) 643-3922
Fax: (416) 643-3907

Michael McLaughlin
Vice-President, Program Sales
English Canada
Telephone: (416) 643-3923
Fax: (416) 643-3907

In Montreal

Jean Vézina
Vice-President, Program Sales
French Canada
Telephone: (514) 937-3333 #2005
Fax: (514) 937-2338